Tuesday, December 16, 2008

#23 Copyright

The example of attribution occurs right on the first part of the video where the title is given and then it says where the video is really from. When using resources that are not your own it is necessary to always credit the author. We try to teach our elementary kids that and how important it is. They are just beginning to learn that skill. Learning to do that with books or websites is one thing, but when placing technology tools in a new context it is also necessary and another skill that must be taught.


I enjoyed playing with this and think it would be a good bookmarking tool to use. Right now I have 23 computers to bookmark things on individually which takes a lot of time. Del.icio.us would help keep everything organized and I wouldn't have to worry about bookmarking sites on every single computer.Right now my district blocks this site, so I will need to talk to someone to share with them how beneficial it could be.

Monday, December 15, 2008

# 19 - My LibraryThing

# 21 - "Robinson Crusoe"

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First of all, I am looking at these assignments so late in the game (yes, I am a procrastinator) that the links I have tried no longer work. Again, podcasts are totally engaging to students. Listening to audiobooks would be a great help to my students who cannot read so much themselves. The other way my students could benefit from this is if they were required to make a podcast themselves. I have asked my district for permission to do this, but am still waiting on that. So far they have told me that podcasting is not an option for us.

# 20 YouTube - Billy Joel "We Didn't Start The Fire"

I chose this youtube video because it is one my daughters request time after time to hear and sing with. I have looked at teacher tube for educational things and there are so many to use. The one drawback at my school is that youtube is blocked and teacher tube takes too long getting the video. We can only watch a few seconds at at time and then have to wait minutes, literally. My other favorite youtube video is the funny wedding dances. I can see why schools might want to block this site because I admit I wasn't using this site just for educational uses, but more for entertainment!

#22 eBooks and Audio eBooks

Right now I am a teacher librarian in a low income urban school. For over a year now we have been trying to think of ways that our non-English speaking population could listen to books in their native language. Since most of our non-English speaking families are low income they don't have access to ipods. While we would like to purchase some to check out to families, we also know that is taking a risk with some higher price items we are not guaranteed to be returned. Ebooks would also be another great option for our non-English speakers (it would be good for our English speakers, too!) because it would provide an opportunity to hear things in their native language that we don't have access to in print. I am going to talk to our ELL teacher since she would be able to access these things in her classroom, or we could find a way to provide some evening services to allow families a chance to try out some of these resources.
When exploring some of the sites available I enjoyed seeing how there are sites that have first editions of books, rare books, and even educational books that I could listen to.
Looking at these sites makes me feel like there are so many resources out there available to people that it is impossible to know about all of them.

#19 LibraryThing

I really like LibraryThing. I like the ability to review books on the site, read others' reviews, organize my collection of books I have read, and chat with other readers.There are probably many more options I have not yet had time to play around with. I have had to stop myself from logging on too often because I could spend a lot, if not all, my free time on this site. It reminds me a lot of goodreads.com which one of my friends emailed me about. I chose to catalog books I had read most recently, so I just took the last five books I had read and catalogued those. I wasn't too surprised by anything I found, although I did find it interesting that some of my books were quite unpopular-hardly anyone else had read Lake Effect at all. It would be a good way for students to start keeping track of their reading. I still have a reading journal where I log all the books I have read. This would help them keep track and might seem more fun than taking the time to write about each book.